Catarina Dahlin from Dagsmejan is among Founders of the Year

Catarina Dahlin, co-founder and co-CEO of Dagsmejan a former glatec/Startfeld start-up, is a finalist in the international Founder of the Year Medium Size Companies competition. Her company scientifically develops sleepwear that is comfortable and regulates temperature.

Catarina Dahlin has reached the finals of Founder of the Year Medium Size Companies. This has now been announced by the organizer, the Swedish Founders Alliance. According to the jury, this "well-deserved recognition" for the co-founder and co-CEO of Zurich-based Dagsmejan "sheds light on her exceptional entrepreneurial journey." It also underscores the "profound impact founders have on society." The winners will be crowned at the conclusion of the Founders World Summit on Sept. 20 in Stockholm.

Founded in 2016, Dagsmejan has developed comfortable and temperature-regulating sleepwear with leading scientists from the fields of sleep research (Stockholm University), material science (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) and textile ergonomics (University of Lucerne). Since entering the market in 2018, Dagsmejan has been able to establish itself as a premium brand for functional sleepwear worldwide, generating sales of 12 million Swiss francs.

The export rate is 65 percent, according to export promoter Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE). Now, Dagsmejan wants to further expand its presence in the German-speaking and Anglo-Saxon core markets and, in addition to the German-speaking and Anglo-Saxon regions, also develop markets in China, the Middle East and French-speaking countries, it said. Since 2021, Dagsmejan has been the exclusive outfitter of the Swiss national ice hockey team.

In March 2023, Catarina Dahlin has already been awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Swiss Economic Forum. In addition, Dagsmejan was nominated as one of three finalists for the Switzerland Global Enterprise Export Award in April 2023. (Source Punkt4