A new factory to cater Perovskia customer needs

Perovskia, an Empa spin-off, is setting up an ambitious factory in Aubonne (VD) to print a million of its custom-designed perovskite devices every year. Production is set to be operational in a few months. The indoor solar cell company has been gaining ground worldwide, with customers in Japan, Korea, India, Europe and the USA.

Perovskia Solar is on a roll. The startup co-founded by Anand Verma and Dr Toby Meyer is on a mission to equip all devices with solar cells and revolutionize the way we power our digital lifestyles. The company has just announced that it is setting up a factory in Aubonne to print a million custom-designed perovskite devices a year, to provide highly efficient customized solar cells for indoor and outdoor electronic devices.

Perovskite is the wonder material leading the way to a brighter and greener future. Perovskite solar cells have reached record-breaking efficiencies exceeding 25% in just a decade of research and development. Perovskite solar cells are capable to power every electronic device indoors, owing to their extraordinary ability to absorb visible light.

The Empa spin-off is currently gaining ground in the market, with over 15 market-leading customers to whom Perovskia supplies custom solar cells for IoT and consumer electronic devices. CEO and co-founder Anand Verma explain that Perovskia's customers are mainly from the IoT, IIoT, medical technology and consumer electronics segments. They range from global brands to SMEs and startups, such as Fortune 100 electronics companies and Top 5 automotive companies. The CEO cites names such as Sun-a-wear, Baracoda Group, Miromico, among others. Today, the Vaud-based startup has customers in Japan, Korea, India, Europe and the USA.

Production to start in the coming months

Speaking of the new factory in Aubonne, the CEO explains that the automatic production line is ordered (print capacity 1M solar cells) and is expected to be operational in Q1 24. Adding: “The auxiliary equipment is in place, and we have plans to automate the back-end production by the end of the year.” Perovskia is currently fundraising to scale its team and cater to the customer needs.

(Eugène Schön, starupticker.ch)