WSL spin-off hits the air with revolutionary moisture detection

The Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL launches its first-ever spin-off company, selling a groundbreaking water-detection device. The drone-carried instrument is a cost-effective alternative to satellite and ground-based moisture measurements to support, amongst others, smart farming, wildfire detection or glacier monitoring. The new firm is the result of many years of L-band microwave research at WSL.

TerraRad Tech AG will now commercialise the drone-borne microwave radiometer. The founders consider the AgriTech market as the highest business case. In arid regions such as Australia, the Western US, Israel, and high-value irrigated crops globally, optimal use of irrigation and increased yield-per-area will be required to feed the growing population. TerraRad provides possibilities not previously within reach of satellite sensors, drone-borne infrared (IR) or visible mapping systems.

TerraRad Tech AG was supported by glatec during early phase.

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